About Kitty

Photography has always been my first love – from the day I was given my first camera at the age of seven.  The magic of that first Polaroid – snapping away to my heart’s content, and seeing the images magically appearing a few seconds later – is something that stays with me.

Travelling the world – and taking pictures everywhere I went – taught me that my passion could also be my career.  I started working as a photographer’s assistant to craft my skills and develop my eye.  Learning from established photographers, I worked on large ad campaigns, portraiture, editorial and lifestyle shoots.  Four years later I set up my own business, and am loving every minute!

On all of my travels, it was the people I met that excited me the most – capturing their character, charm and humour through a shot.  That is what I focus on now.  Whether it’s a child playing in a pile of leaves in the park, or a couple on their wedding day – grabbing that moment of joy, wonder or just plain comedy, is what gets me out of bed.